Thursday, December 17, 2009

Randomness (featuring a scene from my NaNo project!!!)

I haven't posted in almost two weeks and I would completely understand if you guys hated me at this point. I hope you don't, but you know, it would be understandable.
So as a "thank-you-guys-for-continuing-to-read-I-love-you-all-so-much," I am posting a scene from my NaNo book. That would be the reason why I was gone, by the way! I was writing!
And reading! I have received more Advanced Reader's Copies than I can handle, so as I make my way through a ridiculous amount of Tenners books, I give you this. All you need to know is that Kenza is a witch/princess who's run away from home and she is kind of horrible with 'chore' magic- ie. cleaning your room with magic, ect. Segori is her best friend and they are about to go to a party together. Felix is Segori's brother.
I hope you guys like it!!! I am going to try to do a super special VLOG post soon with all of the ARCs/books I haven't reviewed yet, just to spice it up a bit. What do ya'll think?
Also, if you haven't entered my contest to win a signed copy of Melissa De La Cruz's BLUE BLOODS, you should. Those books are awesome.
Okay, scene time!!! Hope you all like it!

Kenza stood in her kitchen, panicking as she sloshed around in the rapidly growing pool of water at her feet. The dog stood in her kitchen sink, covered in bubbles and shaking with cold, its hair hanging like a mop over its eyes. It was pretty pathetic looking, Kenza thought, as she picked up the whimpering creature and wrapped him in her arms, trying as much as possible to dry him with her already sopping wet sweatshirt.
"It's okay! Shhh... see? You're fine? You're fine? See? You're all clean now?" Kenza was just wishing she could say the same about her completely flooded kitchen when the phone rang. Skidding across the slippery floor, dog in hand, Kenza caught it (as well as her balance) on the third ring.
"Hey, hun, where are you?"
"At my house," Kenza said in a slow voice as if talking to a dumb child. Where else would she be? Segori had just called her on her home phone, home being the operative word in the sentence.
"Oh, yeah, right. Dumb blonde moment," well, it would have been, Kenza thought, if Segori didn’t have pitch black hair.
"Anyways, what's up?" "Um.. that's what I was calling to ask you, hun. It's sevenish. Where are you, babe? I thought we were going to pick out something for you to wear?" Her voice adopted a shrill, annoying, whinny tone with her last words, like a baby crying for candy.
"I don't think that it's gonna work out," Kenza said with hesitation, holding the wet dog close to her and staring around at her kitchen. It look like a tsunami had just flooded it and a steady stream of water was still running uncontrollably from her tap.
"Why not?"
"Because my kitchen is a wreck."
"Well, can we fix it later? You worry waayy too much, Kenz."
"Uh, actually, no, I don't think I can. You see, it is currently in the process of.. um.. flooding. I can't stop this cleaning spell that I learned in home ed and I don't--" Kenza was starting to panic, her voice rising higher with the water levels in her kitchen.
"Okay, hun, listen to me. I am sending Felix over right now. He is super good at stuff like this. He'll fix it and then we can go out on the town, kay?
"Yeah," Kenza said, still in too much shock from her dog wash gone wrong to say much more.
Okay, well then, I'll see you in an hour or so." The phone went dead. Dropping it back onto the receiver, Kenza slid to the floor against the wall, careful not to squish the puppy she had clutched to her chest, to wait for help to arrive, giving up all attempts to salvage the situation on her own. Every spell she had tried only seemed to make things worse. She was better off just sitting there, thinking about the aneurism her landlord was going to have if Felix didn't get there soon. Kenza was a strong girl, but from how her current situation was looking, she was a damsel in distress when it came to home-ed magic.
It seemed like forever and a day before Felix got to her house to save her from herself. When the doorbell rang, Kenza pushed herself clumsily off the floor, almost falling on the slippery surface and cautiously made it towards the door.
“Holy…” Felix said with a laugh of astonishment as Kenza opened the door. He immediately rushed over to the tap, his balance and coordination clearly much superior to Kenza’s, allowing him to walk with a fair amount of ease over the slick floors. Sparks began to fly from his hands, sending what looked like multi-colored glitter around the room, curling around the faucet and every other orifice from which water was pouring out of. With a loud click! the sound of rushing of water stopped just as suddenly as it had started. Felix stared at the tap, as if making a peace agreement with it, and then, once it looked as if all was calm, he turned to her and leaned back on his hands against the countertop.
“How in the hell did you do that?” he said. Kenza shook with cold, holding her dog that was also shaking, more out of fear than anything else.
“I—I have absolutely no idea,” she laughed breathily, sitting back down on the floor with exhaustion. Pushing off from the counter, Felix surprised Kenza yet again by coming to sit next to her. “I tried to do a cleaning spell to give the rat a bath and—“
“Wait,” Felix interrupted, turning to her and giving her that look again, the one where he raised on eyebrow and smiled at her like she was an idiot. “Why were you giving a rat a bath?”
“Oh, well, he isn’t actually a rat,” she said, untucking the shaking creature from her sweatshirt and offering him to Felix. “He’s a dog. Charlie and I found him when we were walking home from blahdy blahdy blah blah cafĂ©. He kind of forced him upon me.”
“Oh, the horror,” Felix said, his voice anything but horrified, disentangling the puppy from Kenza’s hands and holding it to his chest, scratching him affectionately behind his ears. “A killer puppy.”
“Well, he did do quite a lot of damage here…” Kenza said, her voice drifting off, indicating the glistening wet countertops and large amounts of water that covered almost every surface in her kitchen, including but not limited to her ceiling.
“Well, technically, Kenz, you did the damage,” he said, still holding the shaking dog close to him. It surprised Kenza that he used the nickname that Segori and Charlie often called her. She liked it more than she should.
“Technically. It was still the rats fault.”
“I don’t get why you call him the rat. He’s pretty cute, actually. Look at that tiny face. I am assuming he doesn’t have a name?” Name? Kenza was suppose to name the thing? She was happy with just calling it the rat forever. It wasn’t like she was actually going to keep him. “I was just going to stick with rat.” “That’s not a very nice name.”
“Yeah, well, I wasn’t exactly planning on keeping him.”
“Why not?” “Um.. I am not really a dog person, you know?” The dog chose that exact moment to jump from Felix’s arms, shake out as much of the water as he could from his soaking fur and ran around in a circle before running over to Kenza and curling into her lap, falling asleep after only a few seconds. If Kenza didn’t know any better, she would have thought the little thing had known just what she was saying. She also would have thought that the dog knew exactly what he needed to do to wrap Kenza around his little finger.
“Well, you seem like a dog person to me,” Felix said, laughing, petting the sleeping dog gently on the top of his round head. She had to admit, he was pretty cute. The dog, that is. Not Felix.
“Okay, enough puppy love. We need to get this cleaned up before your sister calls screaming at me for not getting over to your house for a makeover soon enough.”
“No, you’re right. We wouldn’t want to release her wrath,” Felix said, smiling, launching himself from the floor in one graceful movement before offering his hand out to Kenza.
“Thanks,” she muttered, as she took his hand and pulled her up from the wet ground, leaving the dog to his rest on the floor. Dropping his hand, Kenza lifted her palms and focused on both maintaining her appearance spell and drawing the cleaning spell to the front of her mind. Water rose from the ground in spirals, and just when she thought it was working, exploded into the even farther depths of her house. Whatever parts of her and her house that were not wet before, certainly were now. Laughing, she turned to Felix. He was completely soaked, his blonde hair falling over the front of his face, but somehow, he was laughing too.
“Holy… That was impressively horrible,” he chuckled, pushing his wet hair from his eyes.
“I seem to be getting a reputation for that lately,” Kenza said, embarrassed. She wasn’t exactly keen on making a fool of herself in front of Felix, but at this point Kenza had just given up. Embarassment seemed to follow her wherever she went now that she had left the palace. “It’s kind of embarrassing.” “Don’t worry about it. Screw ups are part of being a teenager,” he laughed and raised his palms, and as before, all of the water that had covered the liquid covered surfaces withdrew from wherever they lay and hung in the air. Felix snapped and the water disappeared with it.
“Then how come you never do?” Kenza blurted out before she could stop herself. He turned to her and looked straight into her eyes, making her heart jump. His expression, although quizzical, still retained its amused demeanor.
“If you think I never screw up, then you don’t know me at all,” he smiled at her, but his voice as dead serious.
“Uh… sorry. That was a really awkward thing of me to say. It just kind of came out. I’ve just never seen you make an idiot of yourself before, is all,” she said, desperately trying to backpedal through this conversation, making things even more awkward than before.
“I can tell you one thing though, you will see me screw up if I don’t get you over to our place before my sister goes insane.” Kenza murmured her assent, and, wrapping the dog in the blanket from her bed and setting him their to sleep, she headed out the door with Felix, locking the deadbolt behind her.

More to come,


Mardel said...

That was great! I was kept interested throughout the whole thing. Loved the little bit of sarcasm she thinks while she's on the phone. I like that one of the characters is a dog also. Hoping he plays a part throughout the book.

Good work! Nano was good for you.

btw, I think I entered the Melissa DeLa Cruz contest.

Wow, KEEP Writing! there is definitely some talent there.

Liza said...

Thanks for sharing one of your scenes from your NaNo work. I really liked it and can't wait to read more. Keep writing!!!

BTW, I'm pretty sure I entered the Melissa De La Cruz contest too.

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