Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melissa De La Cruz Book Tour

On October 8th, I will be taking another adventure, this time to the Barnes and Nobles in Skokie to meet Melissa De La Cruz. I am a huge fan of her books (btw, in case you didnt get the memo- I have in my possesion the ARC of Van Alen Legacy. I am working on it!!). Not only am I freaking excited to meet her but I am also very anxious about the following instructions:

Come dressed in your Blue Bloods finest and celebrate with me at a Van Alen Legacy vampire Ball! Reading, signing and beauty give-aways!

This is probably the most ridiculous and girly thing I will ever say.
What should I wear?
Any advice giver will win my undying gratitude and affection.
Make me look like a vampire.

1 comment:

Liza said...

I would get someone to draw on of the tattoos on you and find a really cool mask. I have all of Melissa's books in my tbr pile, but haven't gotten to them yet. I would try to find something like one of the characters wears. If you are limited on money, borrow clothes from friends.

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