Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Win a signed copy of Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

You can read my interview and review of her newest book, THE VAN ALEN LEGACY, with Melissa here.

I posted this contest on the Halloween post, but because I don't think a lot of people saw it, just putting this as its own post. All entries, no matter what post you commented on, will be counted!!!

I have decided to post another contest. This time, it is for a signed copy of Melissa's book, BLUE BLOODS, the first in the series!
To enter, please comment with your email address and answer the question, what were you for halloween?
You will recieve 1 extra entry for:
1) Tweeting this contest (please leave a link to said tweet.)
2) Adding me to your blog roll (please leave a link to your blog.)
3) You will recieve 1 extra entries for blogging about this contest (please leave a link to the post.)
You will recieve 10 extra entries for becoming a follower of this blog.
The deadline for this contest will be two months from today, on January 4th, giving everyone a pleasant amount of time to forget about the contest and then be pleasantly surprised if you win! And it will be a fun way to kick off the new year, don't you think?


Amily said...

I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. I was too busy watching the Ghost Hunters live show on SyFy and my laptop...Boy that show is addictive!

Thanks for running this contest. My e-mail address (that I check most often) is laalemana at aol dot com

Liza said...

Count me in please. You are on my blog roll and I follow you.

GamezD5 said...

AWESOME! Count me in please!!

This year i dressed up as a fairy! It was a very decent costume, nothing skanky :) although since it consisted of stripped red/white stockings, everyone thought i was the girl from Candyland (the game board) haha!

I just added, or followed, you on blogger. I do have my own blog, but i JUST started out today! my email:
gamezd5 at gmail dot com

Victoria said...

I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. It seems I don't get any kids to come around because our houses are too far apart :(.

Mardel said...


I was a witch for Halloween. I'm usually a witch because of one of my names (Wanda)

I'm already a follower of your blog.

Ms_Blingammm said...

I bought everything I needed to be a 60's go-go girl! Dress with large flowers in pink, blue and yellow, black stripper boots, and even a bumpit for my hair. Sadly didn't get to wear it :*( My baby got sick so my party got cancelled. Maybe next year!

I am a follower of your blog and I tweeted it :) @ Ms_Blingammm

Thanks for hosting!

Nicole said...

I was old blue blood from back back in the day...I had a long black skirt and black corest. It was a hit at the party I went to. nkoskovich09@gmail.com my twitter is koskovich

cristina said...

I was nothing for Halloween cause I had an church event to go to

Leigh said...

Hi - I dressed up as Sookie Stackhouse in a Merlotte's t-shirt and apron (and my hubby was Vampire Bill). :)


Leigh said...

oops...forgot to leave my e-mail: llogan24@gmail.com


Jamie Lynn said...

Hey! I was a fairy for Halloween this year - went to a murder mystery party and made my costume from scratch! my email address is jamiemeersman.at.gmail.dot.com. also, I subscribe and have re-tweeted your post here: http://twitter.com/nevaeh104/status/6775315903 Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for doing this contest, I'm a big fan of Melissa's


Veronica said...

I tweeted this contest here

I am new follower of your blog.

I have add your blog to my favorite blog list on my sidebar.

I did not dress up this year, last year I was an wicked fairy! Lol!

veronicatx80 at aol dot com

Shelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelli said...

I dressed as a vampire huntress. i looked like a vampire (gotts blend in with your prey) but i had a bunch of weapons that would kill any kind of vampire i came across.

I tweeted this contest Here

i am also following your blog

melanie said...

http://twitter.com/melaniecrotts I posted the contest link on my twitter. My email address is macrotts at gamil.com (macrotts@gmail.com)

Natalie said...


I am Natalie, I dressed up as Sookie the telepathic barmaid who is in love with a vampire :) from the Sookie Stackhouse series or the HBO Trueblood program.


kiara said...

i was a emo girl for halloween (lol). I had a lot of black liner nd massacre on soo all i did was wet my eyes and let the massacre drop on my cheeks. i also put on fish net stockings with a skirt and dark blue top ; i made my hair all messy & i put red markings on my arm. my email is Mrs.Cullen467@gmail.com

Sarah said...

oh wow. for halloween i dressed up as the phantom of the opera!


Sarah said...

I am a follower of you blog

I tweeted the contest: http://twitter.com/MyWorldofBooks/status/7139865361

I added you to my BlogRoll:


I did not dress up for Halloween this year..I was working

Carolyn said...

We took our daughter out for Halloween. She was 5 months old at the time. She was dressed as a bumble bee. It was the best Halloween ever!


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