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The Basics of the YA Genre

Writing this blog makes me feel like some sort of columnist in a paper or something, but instead of talking a lot about the world’s breaking news all the time, I get to talk about some of my own and the world of writers as well. It’s a really cool, empowering feeling to write like this. I love it!
Anyways, shall we move onto the actual subject of the blog?
I feel like even though I have written a few book reviews at this point, I need to hit the extreme basics to really call myself a YA blogger. So even though this blog is probably going to be extremely boring for those of you who actually participate in society, here we go.Shall we talk Twilight?
Hello, my name is (insert name here) and I am a Twilight addict.
It has come time when I, along with most of the world's teenage female population, need a Twilighters anonymous. So just in case you fell down and smacked your little head on the pavement, there are these books that are apart of what is called the Twilight Saga (which, at this point, should probably just be declared an empire and get over it). They are wonderful, amazing, bible sized books that most of the teen world is obsessed with. Instead of being a completely unoriginal person and devoting an entire blog to the awes of the twilight saga, I am just going to say this. Read the books and decide for yourself. The writing is not the best but the world that Stephenie Meyer creates is incredibly creative. Although I do think that the books should come with a warning label- may cause sever obsession/addiction as well as the common side effect of falling in love with a fictional character. (Whether that fictional character be Jacob, Edward or any of the other characters. I for one am proudly team Edward.) My Dad refers to Stephenie as "the cult leader." My mother is actually taking the time to read the books. I for one think that Stephenie is an incredibly talented author. If she wasn't, half the teenage population would not be in love with either Jacob Black or Edward Cullen, just saying. My favorite of the books is Twilight, the first book in the series, but read them and decide for yourselves. It can't hurt.

If you are just dead set against reading the books, I think that the movie was pretty good. It did not have nearly the power as the books had and the special effects really weren't that great but for the most part it stayed true to the story line of the books. There are just little moments missing here and there that really made the books what they are. I think that Catherine Hardwick, the director did an amazing job and the soundtrack is awesome. Here is a song that was made for the movie, Paramore's "Decode."

And if you want to find out more about the books or just stalk Stephenie Meyer go to

Now onto square two. Let’s talk Potter. Harry Potter.
I’m pretty sure that at this point everyone knows the basics, if not the extreme details, of Harry Potter, but in case you are living under a rock, Harry Potter is a book about wizards and the magical world that was created by J.K. Rowling. There is a major theme of genocide against a race called muggle-borns. Your going to have to read the books or come out from underneath that rock you’re living under to find out what I’m talking about for the rest of the section of this blog because I personally feel like an idiot for stating the obvious about this book.
Have we all seen the clip for the 6th movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is coming out July 15th? Let’s make sure.
If you want to see the rest of the trailers, click on the picture below.

If you haven’t read the books, then give them a try. They aren’t very hard books to get through because they are very addictive and fun, relatively easy reads. Some people don’t like the Harry Potter series because they feel repetitive. I, however, feel that each book is very unique to the others. I read them out of order because I started reading the books on a dare, and although it was somewhat difficult to follow, I realized that each book in this series is unique unto itself in many aspects. They are fantastic books and at this point, I think they are a must read. If you decide not to read the books, then do go see the movies. They are really good movies, even if they don’t exactly match up with the books themselves. They are not very consistent with the details through the different movies because no two movies have been led by the same director. An example of this is how the dementors are different in the third and fifth movies, but there are many, many more examples. All of the actors in the movie are very talented, popular actors in Britain. It is really worth going to go see the movies just for the special effects. If you can, go see the movie in Imax. It is a really incredible experience!!!!

Even though I know there are many other books such as the Dark Materials series, the Eragon books, and the Mortal Instruments series that are pretty basic to the YA section of the library, I feel like these two are the ones that have created the biggest empire at this point and need to be recognized at this time. I will be sure to blog about the other series as well when I get the chance.

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