Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mortal Instruments Series

If you are going through "Twilight" withdrawal, then you are going to LOVE these books. Because there is life after "Twilight" people. I promise!! I had trouble grappling with this concept too, until I picked up the "Mortal Instruments" books by Cassandra Clare. And let's be honest- these books are pretty basic to the YA genre at this point, but I did not even know they existed until I read about them on Stephenie Meyer's blog. If I didn't know about these books, maybe you don't either. Sometimes, I even think they are better than "Twilight" (gasp!). But Cassandra creates a world that is a broad and as deep as that of J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" books while also preserving the aspects which teen agers love about the "Twilight" Saga (handsome men, romance, adventure, ect.) Their are characters that you can both relate to and ogle at and a wierd love triange that will both drive you insane and get you completely hooked on the series. The stories are fantastic. My favorite of the books is probably the second one, "City of Ashes." but they are all incredible.

If there is anything you get out of this blog, ANYTHING, I hope it is that you go pick up these books and read them. You can learn more about Cassandra Clare and the Mortal Instruments series by going to her personal page or by following her on Twitter or friending her on Facebook. If you have read the "Mortal Instruments" series, may I recommend the fantastic "Wicked Lovely" series by Mellissa Marr, which I will be sure to blog about it soon!
More to come, OfficiallyMRS

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Liza said...

I have City of Glass in my TBR pile. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll move it up the stack.

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