Friday, July 31, 2009

Passing Love Notes

As you will see (look over to the left!! Do it now!), I have a list of blogs that I personally like to read. A lot of them belong to published authors, but the one that I have recently added, called Passing Love Notes, is an advice blog written by a teacher, parent, and unpublished author by the name of Mechelle Fogelsong whom tries to give teens the straight and honest truth. Her blog gives good advice on everything from "how to tell your friend their outfit is bad" to "how do I deal with divorced parents who don't want to share me?" to "I like a guy who's way out of my league, what do I do?!" Things like that. She also has a synopsis of both of her unpublished books if you would like to see what kinds of books she writes. Click here if you would like to read Mechelle's blog.

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Mechelle Fogelsong said...

Thanks for plugging my website! Yours is awesome too!

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