Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weddings... and an "Extra Special Blog Entry"

So, by this time, I would totally understand if you all hated me.
My formal apology:
I am so sorry for the ridiculous amount of time since my last blog entry.
My excuse:
I was at my cousins wedding.
Let's talk weddings. I love them. They are amazing. The reasoning behind this has nothing to do with the look on the grooms face when they walk into the reception (27 Dresses) or having been apart/seen a wedding when I was younger which then made me into a wedding freak (Bride Wars) or the maid of honor being a man (Maid of Honor) or having a dog be the ring bearer (Although I am positive I have seen this in a movie, possibly Legally Blonde 2?, this actually did happen at my cousins wedding. Her dog was the ring bearer. How AMAZING is that?) It's because weddings are often romance novels brought to life. We read about people falling for each other all the time, see it on the movie screens, see the pictures in the magazines, but how often to we really see the head over heels, I am mad about you, true loves kiss, follow you anywhere kind of love? Two places.
1) While watching an old couple walk through the park hand in hand knowing that they are just as happy if not happier than they were the day that they said "I do"
2) At weddings.
Well anyways. Congrats Pete and Sarah. I love you guys!!

So I feel like I owe you guys an extra special blog entry because I absolutely failed at updating recently. So you guys get to choose on what you want me to review. Here are your choices:
1) Wicked, Lovely Series by Melissa Marr
2) The Book Thief by Markus Zusack
3) Movies that I have seen this summer (just to shake it up a bit.)
4) The Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot (And I am talking the ENTIRE series. I have read all of them)
5) Audiobooks (just in general. Ones that I've like, disliked, benefits, downsides, ect.)
The first comment posted to the site will be the deciding comment!! Go!
More to come,

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any updates coming ?

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