Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julie and Julia

So I just got home from seeing Julie and Julia.
It was a great movie. But it also got me thinking: I have no real connection to this blog. I have no deadlines, and just writing about book after book is not going to do me or you any favors. Be honest, you are not going to read every book that I post about. You have lives and interests and hobbies. And if you take some of my suggestions, then great! That makes me really excited! Email me and tell me about it.
But what if this blog wasn't just about other people's stories? What if it was about my own?
So I propose this.
I will write one page a day for 365 days. Of what, I have no idea. I could do a short story over a course of a few days or a short novel over the course of a month or two. They won't be great. They will be rough and will have to be hacked out and edited over and over again. But that's what writing is. And of course I will still talk about books, and my life. But it's time for me to start writing my own stories.
What do you guys think? Please let me know by emailing me at or commenting on this blog.
More to come,


Joely said...

i like your idea! :)

Darkartist said...

wow good luck!! (i saw that movie too and was a little inspired... but decided to stick to just my book reviews)

i think it's an awesome idea though =)

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