Friday, August 21, 2009

Um... WOW.

So I just open up my twitter account and look at my @messages.
I have two.
From Ally Carter.
As in author of Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover, Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy, and I'd Tell You I love You but Then I'd have to Kill You
"Well, that's pretty cool." I think to myself. It's awesome to get recognized by one of your favorite authors. It's just a cool feeling. Even if it is only on twitter.
And then I go to her website and poke around looking for dirt on her new book The Hiest Society.
I open up her blog.
And there is a blog entry.
*heart leaps* *gasp* *Starts jumping up and down screaming* (overexageration,I might add.)
So it's pretty cool. Just thought I would let you all know.
Here is a link to Ally's blog where my blog entry was linked from.
Here is a link to the blog which I wrote and you can find it here on OfficiallyMRS (it is a little bit longer on this site though. We had to cut it down a bit).
More to come,

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Mechelle Fogelsong said...

Congrats! You're getting so much attention! And it's well-deserved. You did a very professional-looking piece on TeenReads. (Remember, I was impressed too!)

I like the new look on this site. Much more user-friendly. The background gives me that homey, gooshy feeling of being somewhere I wanna be. Nice choice!

Hey, just to plug my own blog while I'm here... We're voting on "Is the book always better than the movie?" I'd love to get your two bits. Hopefully clicking on my name here will link you over to my site, Passing Love Notes.

Not trying to steal your traffic, just saying...

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