Friday, August 28, 2009

Contest: Win a Book Playlist

So I come back from outdoor ed, open up my blog and find that my blog now had double the followers, along with hits from all over the county and all over the WORLD.
Then I open up my twitter for OfficiallyMRS. It too has a significant amount of people following me now that weren't following me before.
In celebration of this, I want to do something special for all of my followers.
As music is a huge part of my life, this is what is going to happen. I am going to pick a random person that is following me and send them a playlist that I make for any book that has been reviewed on OfficiallyMRS. They get to pick the book and the CD with my mix on it will be sent to them! A creative give away, if I do say so myself. I will pick the random follower this Tuesday (September 1st)!
More to come,


Addicted Book Reader said...

Congrats on the followers and what a great idea : D

Darkartist said...

wow that's an insanely good idea!!

*totally jealous at the boost in followers xD*


suzie said...

yay for the boost in followers :)

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