Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catching Fire (Excerpt)

Because I have been crazy busy with getting ready for school to start, I thought that you guys might want a Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins excerpt to tie you over until I can finish the book and do my review. So this is from Chapter Three and pretty much tells what the plot of the book is (from what I have read so far.):

"A visit from President Snow. Districts on the verge of uprisings. A direct death threat to Gale, with others to follow. Everyone I loved doomed. And who knows who else will pay for my actions? Unless I turn things around on this tour. Quiet the discontent and put the president's mind at rest. And how? By proving to the country beyond any shadow of a doubt that I love Peeta Mellark."

I am loving this book and cannot wait to finish it so I can review it for you guys!
More to come,

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